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【Information Hotchpotch】 In college, I encountered a rule of thumb

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In college, I encountered a rule of thumb: For every credit hour per week, you should be studying two to three hours outside of class per week.If you ask a teacher or professor how much their best students should study, very few will expect their students to be studying for long hours everyday.As a T.A. at a university, I can tell you that spending an hour of self-studying for every credit hour will put you ahead of a lot of your peers.Studying for long hours will often be necessary when you have an exam. But you don’t need to pull all-nighters to be a top student.Plus, psychologists say a healthy amount of sleep will actually help you retain the material!My best students are the ones who find time to complete portions of the assignment well before it’s due.“Studying all day” might mean going to class, reading 10 pages before lunch, doing a physics problem in between classes, and reviewing material at the end of the day.


The hardest part can often be thinking of small things to do in order to fill your time during the day.A to do list item like “Write essay” is the kind of thing that will take long hours of work, but it can be broken into steps, like: write an outline, free write, revise your intro paragraph.

There’s no strict hours, that a student should have to study to be the topper of the class. There is no straight jacket solution for becoming a top student.

What I believe is you need to act smartly, instead of following what every one else is doing.

Let’s talk about some of the study tips, that I followed to clear even the toughest of toughest examinations:

1.Prepare summary notes.

Topper students are not ahead of intelligence or mental skill. But they are ahead of time. They manage time so well that they won’t need to feel guilt after exams that they could have done better.Summary notes mainly incorporates all important definitions, points or flowcharts which are more likely to come in exams.2.This might look opposite of what you have heard till now.

But studying for more hours are less productive and effective than studying for less time along with adequate breaks in between. Follow Pomodoro Technique.





They make you less productive and lazy. Keep a check on your distractions.Seriously, we don’t consider some of the minute things which actually are more time consuming.For example: Facebook, FB will be keep you stick to its website and keep showing you funny videos, profile pictures.But just know one thing, ANY OF THESE THINGS WON’T MAKE YOU TOPPER.


Writing things down will help you remember them for more longer period. Write everything that can come in examinations.

Disclaimer: Your mind will try to tell you that there’s no need to write everything. BUT, YOU HAVE TO.



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